Learn with our courses and accelerate your exciting PMU career!

In this unique and intimate environment renowned Master Artist Elda Silva will share the ultimate skills to success in 1 technique of your choice (ES Microblading-Shading or ES Powder Brows). 


Fast learning adjusted to your level of skill and experience

2 days of exclusive training. 1 live models. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Premium Kit included

6 months of ongoing support

"Getting a mentor is the shortcut to success" 
— Bo Sanchez

ELDA SILVA (Master Artist)


If you want to start your new career FASTER, or are a PMU artist looking to QUICKLY enhance your techniques, our Semi-Private Courses will be ideal for you.


In this exclusive semi-private course Master Artist Elda Silva will be introducing you the secrets to obtain your certification for the ES Powder Brows or ES Microblading technique.

2-day fast learning experience. No prior experience necessary.

Limited to 4 students per Master Trainer. Dedicated coaching to ensure you achieve high level of skill.

PMU kit included. PMU device (Powder Brows) & other essentials included

6 months of ongoing support


ES ACADEMY Courses are also available ONLINE:

ES Microblading is a manual semi-permanent makeup technique in which the artist draws hyperrealistic hair strokes on the eyebrows.


Learn the most popular technique in the PMU industry. In this course you will learn to achieve super natural results that will leave your clients loving your work!

 ES Powder Brows

With ES Powder Brows, a pixelated shadow appearance is drawn to resemble a soft makeup effect.  This will look such that the eyebrow tails will be darker, and lighten towards the beginning of the eyebrows. 

Take your PMU career to the next level by expanding that range of clients you're able to attend. With this technique you will be learning proven skills to be able to work on any type of skin.

ES Lips is a modern PMU treatment that enhances lips' natural beauty with improved symmetry and vibrant color. This is an effective way of dressing the lips with a lively appearance.

Complement the beautiful brows of your clients with this amazing technique. You will learn the secrets to achieving lovely results. 


Here are some commons questions about our courses

Do I need experience?

The courses are designed to be adjusted to your level of skill, from beginning to intermediate.


When is the next class?

Click the link above to check out the next available date/time.

Will I work on a live model?

If you sign up for the private course, yes. If you sign up for the semi-private course, you will be practicing on live model if you choose Microblading, and on synthetic skin instead if you choose Powder Brows. 

Can I legally start working after receiving a certification?

You will need to obtain a Florida Tattoo License first, but don't worry! We will guide you through the process. If you are an out of state student, you will need to check applicable regulations in that specific state. 


How can I make a deposit (non-refundable) for the private or semi-private course?

Click the links above to process your payment electronically. 

How can I pay the remaining balance?

Cash, Credit Card, or via Bank Transfer. 


Our team would be pleased to guide you further! Complete this contact form, and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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